Belgian Equipment

Belgian ABL SAFN 49 cleaning kit  

15 Euro
 Belgian GP35 holster dated from the 1950 (price is for 1 holster ) 25 Euro
Belgian Army small backpack  dated 1956 (price is for 1 backpack) 10 Euro
 1 Pair of Belgian ammunition clips pouches (price is for 1 pair) dated from the fiftys  15 Euro
Belgian Navy small backpack  dated 1953 (price is for 1 backpack) 10 Euro
Belgian Army ammunition pouches for the Sten or vigneron magazines dated 1953 ( Price is for 1 pair of pouches) 15 Euro
 Verry old Belgian Police beltbuckle from Brussels maker is FONSON  25 Euro
 Belgian Para commando belt  15 Euro
 Belgian army wisle (i ave several for sale)all are dated from the 50' 10 Euro
 Belgian army lighter  10 Euro
 Belgian Belts al dated 1953 (price is for 1 belt) 10 Euro
 Belgian SAFN leather sling  SOLD
 Belgian First Aid container with contence  SOLD
WWII Belgian Gasmask in canvas pouch and WWII Dated SOLD
 Belgian military binoculars from 1950-1960 SOLD
 Handtrower  SOLD
WWI Belgian Gasmask(compleet) SOLD
Seyntex bulletproof jacket type 3A size XL


 Belgian ABL Grenadiers Parade beld from the 1950  SOLD
 WWII Belgian trompet maker is F&L Decart freres fournisseurs de larmee et des conservatoires rue d'anvers 46 Lierre SOLD
Belgian Tophat cigarettes


 Zippo lighter first regiment paracommando (used condition) dated oktober 1987(A) SOLD
 Zippo lighter first regiment paracommando (used condition) dated september 1994 (B) SOLD
 Belgian Para commando artillery  zippo from KPL peeters R74269 "Snake" zippo is dated from 1995 SOLD
 ABL UDA-VVE luchtcommando's kitbag from the 70/80 SOLD