Belgian Other gear

lot of 14 WWI Belgian maps (from 13 to 26) made by the institut cartographique militaire and dated 1908                                        Feuille XIII Tournai
Feuille XIV Mons
Feuille XV Charleroi
Feuille XVI Namur
Feuille XVII Liege
Feuille XVIII Roisin
Feuille XIX Thuin
Feuille XX Dinant
Feuille XXI La Roche
Feuille XXII Cul-Des-Sarts
Feuille XXIII Bouillon
Feuille XXIV Arlon
Feuille XXV Villers-devant-Orval
Feuille XXVI Virton                                   and a litle inventory map also dated 1908
150 Euro
WWII Belgian colaboration  Vlaamsch Nationaal zangfeest 31 Augustus 1941 brussel (20 pages) with text and notes from the songs Het lied der vlamingen /
Reuzenlied /
De Vlaamsche smeder /
Vlaanderen /
Het Vendel /
Mijn Vlaanderen heb ik Hartelijk lief /
Wij zijn bereid /
Groeningen /
Van Rijswijckmarsch /
Al Zingend 'T vrije lied /
Beiaardlied /
De Blauwvoet /
Vlaanderen roept /
Transvaalsch volkslied /
Wilhemus /
De Vlaamsche Leeuw /
45 Euro
Belgian 2 Commando beer mug  40 Euro
Belgian 4th Bn Commando beer mug  40 Euro
WWI and WWII an post war shells (all deactivated) Asc for prices
WWII Belgian painting of a WWII Belgian soldier  75 Euro
Belgium shell from a 105 mm dated 1971 and engaved with the emblem of the 17 th transmition batallon 50 Euro
Lot of 14 Belgian Magazines of LE SOIR ILLUSTRE all dated in 1939 21 Euro
TM for the Chassis F.N. 62C./4R.M. 12 Euro
TM for the Control Group AN/GRA-6 (dated 1954) 12 Euro
TM for the Radio station T-400 10 Euro
TM for the Radio sets AN/VRC-8 AN/VRC-9 and AN/VRC-10 (dated 1954) 13 Euro
TM for the UHF/AM Radio set VRC-240T (dated 1976) 8 Euro
TM for the UHF/AM Radio set VRC-240T (dated 1976) 8 Euro
This is a Belgian  3th Para Commando regiment display (36 cm X 31 cm) SOLD
lot of 14 WWI Belgian maps(dated 1908) SOLD
WWII bouclet for mobilisation WWII dated 15 Euro
Collection Of 345 Original Diapositive from the Belgian soldiers that where in Corea in 1953 and they where made by Major Louis Hancy.There are 240 Diapositves from Korea and 105 Diapositives from in Japan made by the Major  Louis Hancy(all the Diapositieves are in Verry good condition) SOLD
WWI Belgian book in dutch"Onze Helden voor het Vaderland gesneuveld in 1914-1918"
dated 1922
TM for the Minerva licence Rover (dated 1953) SOLD
WWI Belgian boek of the BIG WAR(DE GROOTE OORLOG) book is in dutch and its from 1920/1930 there are 1936 pages and the book is still in good condition SOLD

WWII Belgian Army LOTO Game(BINGO game)

In is Original box and complete with numbers and cards(no bag for the numbers )