French Equipment

French Parachute E.F.A. (empty no canopy) and there are 2 straps on the bottom missing (perfect for display) 75 Euro
1 Pair of French MAT47 leater pouches with 4 MAT47 magazines  100 Euro
French Legion etrangere Star Petrol lighter  25 Euro
 French M2 ammunition vest (indo china war) 50 Euro
French Foreign legion belt (Legion etrangere) 15 Euro
WWII French suspenders triangles (price is for 1 piece) 15 Euro
WWII French Gauloises cigarettes  20 Euro
WWI French Meatcan 25 Euro
WWII French Razor SOLD
French flairs and flairgun  SOLD
WWI French Lebel Bayonet SOLD
WWII French Meatcan SOLD
WWII French Ammo pouch SOLD