German Headgear

 Original WWII german maneuvers helm band from the  11. (reitende) Batterie /Artillerieregiment 6 ,Nachrichtcnabteilung 2
" 11.(r.)B. / A.R.6,N.2 " (UV controled)
 maximum circumference 61 cm X 3,8 cm
60 Euro
 German Bergmann Hut Steiger Hut Kappe from the early 50 size is +/- 58  75 Euro
 German DDR helmet  SOLD
 WWI German model 1916 helmet liner 

Maker is Hans Weber 1916 Neu-Ulm

 WWII German SS Helmet with 2 decalcs with is liner and chinstrap markings are EF64 and size 57 in the liner with a letter D (i do not know if the decalcs are original or not the owner did buy the helmet in 1970 and never touch it) SOLD
WWII German firefighter helmet with is original liner   SOLD
WWII Italian Tropical helmet(used also by the africa corps)markings on the helmet are BYW SOLD
WWII German officer Artillery visor Cap(light moth damage) SOLD
WWII German RAD Sidecap markings in the Cap are RBNr. 0/067316015 3/43 size 56 SOLD
Copy of a WWII German off. whermacht cap SOLD
 WWII German Pionier Officer cap in Good condition (only a few litle moth holes)  


WWI German helmet dated 1918 in the chinstrap with is original liner and chinstrap(item is in good condition) SOLD
 WWII German Whermacht Side Cap size 58 SOLD
 WWII German Luftwaffe Side cap(with light moth dammage) SOLD
WWII German Army Administration(whermachtbeamte)officer visor cap with metal insignia  markings in the cap are Dipl. Ing. Karl Stuchlif Techn. K. D. Rat(damage in the Cap see pictures)there is NO DAMMAGE on the outside of the Cap SOLD
WWII French helmet that was used by the German luftshuts(helmet is compleet and ase a eagle and swastica paint on the front i ave controled with the UV light and is OK) SOLD

WWII  Gebirgsjäger bergmütze with edelweiss badge and reindeer badge and with is citation for the reindeer badge from the gem.2.geb.div.IIa(see picture)size of the cap is 57 and dated 1942(cap is in MINT condition)


WWII Gebirgsjäger officer Cap(Dark green waffenfarbe)

with edelweiss

WWII Gebirgsjäger officer Cap(mottraces all over) SOLD
WWII Gebirgsjäger NCO Cap with edelweiss and from the maker Georg Angerer SOLD
WWII Gebirgsjäger officer Cap(light green waffenfarbe) SOLD
WWII German 19 Panzer officer Cap SOLD
WWII German SA helmet(brown collor) SOLD
WWII German Helmet with is jugular and Liner

Markings are Q64 and 6391 size is 56

 WWII German Luftshuts helmet with is liner and chinstrap size 57(see tag on the picture) SOLD
WWI German helmet model 1916 compleet with is jugular and liner in the liner is a bandage SOLD
 WWII German Kriegsmarine helmet with Original liner and chinstrap and with 1 decal markings in the helmet are S62 and code 0/0750/0100 in the chinstrap             SOLD



WWII German Africa corps tropical helmet from the maker JHS and dated 1942 size 57 with a WWII Italian gogles rim is used but it's normal vue the age of the helmet All is 100% WWII ORIGINAL



 WWII German NCO infantry Cap size 58 and a Big letter E inside de cap first model eagle and some moth dammage  


WWII German Whermacht model 42 helmet with  liner and chinstrap and rest of 1 decal  markings in the helmet are 1760 bk*62 (*= a letter dat i can not read)  


 WWII German Lufwaffe M43 cap size 58 and dated 1944with stamp in it Eigentum der Deutschen Luftwaffen near in MINT condition SOLD
 WWII German Kriegsmarine sidecap in verry good condition and UV controlled 100% ORIGINAL SOLD

WWII German Gebirgsjager artillery officer cap.The cap is from the maker Tiller HG Wien and in verry good condition and 100% ORIGINAL 



WWII German Fire fighting Helmet(with original liner and jugular) SOLD
 WWII German Africa korps tropical helmet
maker is A P N size 58 and dated 1942
 WWII German infantry officer sadle shape cap from the maker LEO Klassf  almost in  MINT condition and 100% ORIGINAL  



 Reproduction of a WWI German trench helmet plate, for the WWI helmet model 1916 -1918 SOLD
WWII German Pionier NCO cap in MINT condition Size 56 1/2  100% ORIGINAL  



WWII German Medical  NCO/EM visor Cap  with metal insignia and black leather chin strap from the maker W.O. Mack Stuttgart ostendstr.20  100% ORIGINAL  



 WWII German Officer infantry M43 Cap in Mint Condition  and 100% ORIGINAL SOLD
 Front off a WWII German Gebirgsjäger cap(it's a US soldier that cut it down from the cap that he as found to tak home with him after the war) SOLD