Other Headgear

United Nations blue beret with insignia size is 6 .7/8 25 Euro
Indonesian KOPASSUS beret (indonesian special forces) 50 Euro
yougoslavische Air force enlisted ranks cap badge
Dated 1995
20 Euro
WWII Italian Artillery Alpini cap  SOLD

WWII Italian Helmet SOLD
Verry OLD pillot leather helmet SOLD
 Thanker helmet from Israel (no more markings) SOLD
Chinese Mig 22 pilot  helmet  TK-2 Comes with a built-in, triple-hinged visor that can raise or set from the front as shown, with levers on each side for smooth control. Options include: No visor, Clear visor and Sunglass visor Comes with thick, comfortable artificial leather padding throughout, removable ear pads and padded chin rest SOLD